Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Who says only atheists are boundary-free, nonorientable, and one-sided?

This is a sketch for PZ Myers' impossible assignment, a logo for the godless.


At 5:04 PM, Blogger Ben said...

From Pharyngula:
"Once I was 18 (in '73), the 'rents relocated themselves and my siblings to a trailer on 20 acres of dirt 20 miles outside of the nearest sticks 20 miles outside of Lubbock, because Orange County was too decadent an environment in which to raise up a fambly."

I absolutely flipped out when I read this: I grew up 20 miles outside Lubbock too!

I then moved to Orange County (because I was sent to Biola University) and realized there was a world that didn't believe "evilution" was a lie from Satan, Harry Potter taught kids witchcraft, and the Bush dynasty was America's best hope for defending freedom. Unfortunately, I also had to leave Biola to find this world, but eventually I managed to get a grip on reality.

As you can see, I also have a blog here. If you ever want to drop by and leave a comment or email, I'd love to hear more of your story.


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